12 October 2009

trinny woodall

Trinny Woodall, bravely admits her long torso/short legs combination, and gives great advice in the book What not to Wear. Recently in her blog, Trinny discussed her body and weight loss in the above beach photo:
"some Paparazzi took a picture of me coming out of the sea with admittedly good abs, the end of my legs covered by water (thank god as it didn't show how short they are)". Regarding her weight loss she credited it to the Pilates she has been doing " I have to say it has turned me from a pear to a column but still with short legs"

11 October 2009

keira knightley bikini

Keira Knightly is a beautiful young actress, who I always envisioned as being very tall, in the close to six foot range. But when I observed her with more attention I realize that she had a very long torso, which gave her this tall appearance, because when looking at her lengthy stomach and back ones eyes naturally imagine lengthy legs to match. However Keira is in fact only 5 feet 7 inches at most, if not less!
She is also very thin and flat chested which do not help in visually shortening her torso. In these bikini images one can best observe her disproportion. Nevertheless, she is attractive and famous, giving us all long torsoed girls a boost of self confidence.