22 May 2010

high waisted Keira

Here is our Lady Short Leg's duchess Keira Knightley looking incredible in high waisted trousers. Considering that she is aware of her proportions, it appears that she is choosing her fashion accordingly, and luckily for her and for us all high waisted jeans and trousers are quite in style. Those billowy trousers of hers paired with the nautical striped top or the deep V neck blouse is thoroughly a good outfit for us (besides a dress) and very chic too. I especially like the ones with the four buttons, however in some of the looks, it would have been better to match the shoe color to the trousers, for a more elongating look.  
A baggy/wide leg pant (like hers), as supposed to tight high rise one, is better as it does not draw attention to a long back. 

20 May 2010

catherine zeta jones

I remember reading in a magazine interview in the early 2000's how Catherine Zeta Jones spoke about having a long torso, it was in a Harper's Bazaar, or a W, as those were the ones we were subscribing to at the time. Well I cannot seem to find it anywhere online. Instead here are some photos of Catherine, however she is barley disproportionate, but take note the effect of the white cropped trousers, very unflattering. She does primarily wear dresses and skirts, looking beautiful and effectively hiding anything there might be to mask.

19 May 2010


All right my dear readers, I have removed the offending post. I am sorry I did not intend to offend anyone. Forgive me.

14 May 2010

Katie Holmes

Poor Katie Holmes, amongst all the things going on in her life, she also quite pear shaped, definitely has a case of long torso and short legs, and the legs themselves are thick and masculine. In her case she really needs to hide a her lower half as much as possible and focus on her slender upper half which is perfectly nice.

Note in the first photo, her legs look longish, it's because of the very high cut bathing suit, and the high heels.

13 May 2010

video advice

Here are three videos from an online show titled My Body, My Style.
The advice is quite valid in fact, and the transformation to the jeans and red blouse look is incredible! All of a sudden she looks very youthful, and long legged, take not that in all the after looks she is in heels and makeup, making the metamorphosis more noticeable. However I think the final pink dress is too tight in the bottom area, and it looks good in the video only because she is wearing insanely tall heels, which are unrealistic in normal life, with regular shoe-wear her butt would be too low down. I also think her proportions were quite close to normal, so she was not such a prime candidate to demonstrate the long torso/short leg situation. However it is all valid advice.
Casual look
Evening dress
Office look 

4 May 2010

your opinion?

Hey, dear readers of Lady Short Legs, help me out give me your opinions.
I am sure all of you have ideas and observations on celebrities that would suite this blog, some of you have all ready given me your suggestions in the comments and I want to hear more.
What other celebrities have a long torso coupled with short legs?

Note: I am loving all your comments folks, thank you!

3 May 2010

Rachel Bilson

Here is petite cutie Rachel Bilson of The OC fame. Many of you mentioned her, and she does indeed have very short legs, almost dwarfish like Jessica Simpson.
I think Rachel may not be aware of her proportions, as she primarily wears skinny jeans, or cropped trousers that are unflattering for her body type. One reader wrote "I would also hazard to say that Rachel as a worse torso to legs ratio than Keira. In addition, Rachel is supposedly very trendy, but I often think her fashion choices make her proportions look worse." When she wears dresses she looks absolutely darling, however notice her jeans and trousers in the last photo's, they do certainly draw attention to her short legs.