3 April 2011

Contributers Welcome

As you surely have noticed I have not been writing very regularly or frequently as of late. I do adore this blog, however life has been keeping me busy. Therefore I am making it official to you all that you can contribute to Lady Short Legs by submitting articles to me.
All that is required is some text and photos which are relevant to the subject of the blog, and if you like I can then link to your site/blog etc... An good example of a submitted "article" is the one below, on Princess Kate.
Topics do not necessarily have to be on celebrities, they can be about scientific/medical findings, polls, advice, theories and so on.
This is for free of course.

Submissions are to be emailed to my regular contact info: LadyShortLegs@gmail.com

Catherine Middleton

An observant reader wrote in letting us know of Kate Middleton's proportions:

After the engagement was announced I found myself looking through some candid's of her and noticed that her proportions are not as "leggy" or "willowy" as reported in the press. 

Because she is so tall (5' 8" - 5' 10''), the appearance of length in her legs is naturally assumed, however in most pictures she only looks proportional when wearing high heels, and when in flats she does not look very tall...  I don't think her disproportion is as extreme as Jessica Simpson or Rachel Bilson or Katie Holmes, but she does have a very long torso compared to her legs.  She also seems to be aware of it and hides it very well in loose wrap dresses with high waist ties, she seldom goes out in flats and most of her tops are fitted quite high on her waist.

She is one to watch, because she really does mask her proportions well.  

Oh I love it, our own lady short legs royalty!

2 April 2011

office chair issue

A reader writes in with a question:

"Everyone always envy's my body for the tiny waist and womanly curves, but its because I hide my short legs with long boot leg pants and high heels."

However she continues: "My biggest issue is that I have a desk job in which I sit at a computer for 8-10 hours a day.  My head towers over my coworkers if I sit up straight because of my long back. That causes me to slouch down and now I have neck and back issues. I tried to lower my seat all the way down but it doesn't go down far enough. I was wondering what other people that are built like me do when they have desk jobs?"

Having your office chair lowered all the way down is certainly your best step, however slouching is not good for your health, as you said, and sitting up straight is always elegant regardless of how long your back is. If it really bothers you, you could look into office chairs that can go down even lower then your present one, however I am sure your co-workers don't take notice these things, and besides siting up high is nice, sort of regal like.  

What are your thoughts?

Update: A kneeling chair is one of the better options for our body type, as it keeps the spine in proper alignment, and helps you to sit up straight. A good source for such chairs is: ErgoDepot.