27 March 2010

keira knightley jeans

I just found a great quote from our Lady Short Legs queen Keira Knightley. It's from an article in a 2004 Cosmopolitan, a bit old to be considered news, but it's always relevant for us. Keira was nineteen at the time, and here is what she said:

"Jeans are always too long on me because I have a long torso and short legs, but Diesel makes great jeans for people with my body type. I also love Seven Jeans. They are unbelievable."

22 March 2010

Hayden Panettiere & Shorts

Hayden Panettiere, is quite petite, and has very short legs as well, as pointed out by one of our readers.  In these photos above, her disproportion is clearly visible, she almost looks like a little person/midget. However she is attractive and considered sexy by most people, who don't notice her disproportion.

Here is a link with advice on how to wear shorts, and a photo of Hayden's legs looking proportioned thanks to her choice of clothing.

19 March 2010

korean legs

Here is a fun post on Pop Seoul, a website dedicated to Korean celebrities. In this particular post titled "Short Legs Unite", they showcase before and after photographs of female Korean stars, and the Photoshop that has been used on their legs. Asian cultures generally do have short legs, so for them the fantasy of long legs is even more desirable and extream, hence the exaggerated lengthy legs in the after images.

5 March 2010

alessandra ambrosio

This is our third Victoria's Secret model with a long torso, and this one is even an Angel!
Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio's disproportion can be clearly seen in these photos. Interestingly I never noticed her long torso until yesterday, while I was searching for our mystery model in the previous post. However now that I am aware, I can't stop seeing it.

Therefor I can conclude this advice: don't ever tell anyone of your physical faults, as that will only draw attention to them, and then people will primarily focus on your problem area. People generally don't notice things on others, as much as they do on themselves. I am quite tall for example, and to everyone "tall" is synonymous with "long legs", however my height comes from my torso, not my legs, but most people don't notice that, so I don't tell them.

3 March 2010

victoria's secret model

An astute reader of Lady Short Legs brought my attention to a model that we don't know the name of yet, but she is quite an exotic beauty.

"In the new Victoria's Secret catalog (the Spring 2010 Casual) there is pictured a lovely brunette model with a very long torso and short legs. She is on pages 13 and 17, and perhaps she is also shown elsewhere. I thought her addition was a refreshing detour from the perpetually long-legged models that are constantly showcased in that catalog."

In these images she does appear to have quite a long torso coupled with short legs, however it is not certain, as it could be that she is wearing the trousers very very low. I will be on the look out for a full body shot of her in a bathing suit, to truly determine if she is indeed proportioned like us. 

Images via Victoria's Secret.