21 October 2010

more elongating tips

Here is a video I found with tips to elongate legs, it's was made this past summer, but the tips are timeless. Here is the link.

19 October 2010

measurements & proportions

Quite a number of you have asked me whether you are proportioned or if your legs are short. Here is an optimal at home method for measuring your trunk and leg proportions (Anthropometric).

This method is called The Cormic Index (Sitting Height):
1. Sit on the floor by a wall, with legs straight out and flat.
2. Have your bottom, back, shoulders and head straight and touching the wall, and your eyes gaze forward, and sit as high as you can.
3. With a hard book, or box placed on the top of your head, have someone make a small marking with a pencil underneath the book/box, or just keep holding the book/box. It is best to have someone assist.
4. Measure the distance from the floor (where you were sitting) to the pencil marking on the wall or to where the book/box is still being held. This is your sitting height, in other words the length of your body.
5. You can measure your total height as well if you are not aware of it.

With these measurements you can determine how long your legs are, by subtracting the sitting height from the total height.

My measurements are:
Height: 175cm  (69 inches)
Torso: 90cm      (35.5 inches)
Legs: 85cm        (33.5 inches)

Leg ratio 48%
Sitting height ratio: 51%

Apparently the average woman has legs that are at least 45% of her total height. 48% and up is considered aesthetic and preferred. You can figure this out by dividing your leg length over total height. (You multiply this by 100 to have a whole number if you wish)

To determine your torso proportions do the same as above but with the sitting height

One knowledgeable commenter went into great detail in this post here.
" If your torso ratio is .52 or .53, you are completely within the normal range, and also very average too by the way. You should have a longer torso than your legs by the way, most humans do. If you're below .52, then you have very long legs for your torso. Usually, only some select Africans and Aborigines from Australia have ratios below .52. Africans and aborigines can have averages of .49 to .50 although the range of their ratios will follow other human populations."

I also found this quote in one study: "The mean Cormic Index for European and Indo-Mediterranean populations is about 0.52. Africans have proportionally longer legs, in general, with ratios around 0.51. Asian and Far Eastern populations have proportionally shorter legs and means of 0.53-0.54 (Pheasant, 1986)."

However I do not entirely understand how the sitting height can be used as a torso height, as it includes the neck and head as well? And according to all of this my proportions are in fact normalish. However I am not entirely convinced.
How are you all proportioned?

Lastly, legs which are 1.4 % (Nicole Kidman ) of the total height are regarded as perfect.

More info:
Valdosta University Georgia USA sitting height data
Another measuring method video
Feminine Beauty site

18 October 2010

AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord is a young Television starlet, who I know form her role in Nip/Tuck, and is currently one of the leads in the new 90201 series, prior to acting she was a model. AnnaLynne has a feminine long torso, with a beautiful waistline.

Take notice how the position of the camera has some effect on body proportions, if a photo is taken from higher up, her legs appear even shorter (striped bikini), whereas if the camera is positioned lower to the ground, the torso is shortened by way of perspective. Therefor if you would like your legs to appear longer have the person photographing you crouch on the ground

15 October 2010


Hello Ladies,
Just want to apologize for being away from the blog for quite some time (started a new job), however I have been reading and enjoying all your comments, and there are two great ideas I plan to follow through regarding the sharing personal photos and related experiences. And secondly sorry for changing the background so much, I keep trying to find the Lady Short Legs look, and am not entirely sure I know what it is yet. This one is ok for the time being.
Love ya all.

4 October 2010

not just ladies

There are men with long torso just like us females, take for example Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, his torso is endlessly long, thus being the ultimate swimmers body. However  I could not find a full length photo of him besides an ugly wet suit one. All the focus is on his magnificent torso.
I sometimes envision myself being an athlete, with this torso and lengthy arms I have, I could be an Olympian too, if only my parents had signed me up for swimming classes.

Here is a humorous write up by a man on the topic of freakish extend-o-matic torsos.

However I don't think there is an actual medical "long torso syndrome"

3 October 2010

more Alessandra

Here are more photos of Alessandra Ambrosio from some recent shows at Fashion Week. The top photo is especially relevant to our blog as her proportions are very visible.

2 October 2010

model torso

Update: Found a better photo.
Here is Alessandra Ambrosio in a recent Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, she is in the front row second from the right. They appear to all be wearing the same footwear, thus we should be able to properly compare the models with one another. I do feel Alessandra's legs are a little shorter, and torso a little longer then the other girls.