27 December 2009

keira knightley quote

Here is the quote I was looking for:
"I've already been told my legs are stumpy. A designer whose dress I wanted to wear to a film premiere told me that my legs were far too short."

Our ultimate role model, I mean just notice where her butt ends, and she is wearing hight heels.

21 December 2009

christina applegate

Here is a quote from an interview with Christina Applegate.

What's your beauty hang-up?
"I have short legs and it drives me crazy! I've got a really long torso and short legs. I can pull it off with the right jeans, but it's taken time to figure that out. There are people, like Cameron Diaz, who have incredibly long legs and you go, "Wow, how can you ever have a problem if you just wake up with long legs?!" I'd love to wake up to them one day, but it's just not going to happen! "

I browsed a lot of images of Christina, but I do not observe her to be that disproportional. Firstly I could not find any clear candid ones of her, or ones from the rear, a long torso is best observed from the back or side, and most difficult to notice from the front. In the old photo though one can see the long back from her shoulder to the underside of her bottom. Also her ankles are not very slim further making her legs stocky. However she is an attractive woman, and I must say reading her quote is comforting to us short legged ladies.

20 December 2009

kate hudson bikini and rear

Kate Hudson is an attractive female actress, with a leg to torso proportion that is close to equal, but upon closer inspection her torso does appear slightly longer. This is best observed in these bikini photos where you can see that from her shoulder to the beginning of her thighs the distance is quite long. In her favor is her good and shapely bottom which balances out this mild disproportion, and the fact that she is overall a cute girl.

Working on ones buttocks is in fact, one of the best things a girl like us can do, as this brings the buttocks up and thus shortens the back, and consequently lengthens the legs. Whereas as a bottom that is low and saggy really does make ones back appear even longer! I suppose an instant improvement would be to wear an undergarment that lifts the rear.

13 December 2009

vogue forum

There is a great thread on the forum pages of Australian Vogue, on our subject of short legs/long torso. It is from 2006, but still very relevant, and reading the what the lovely females have shared on the subject really does make one feel better, and gives one a sense of not being alone on this matter. One quote by "shopaholic*" is especially appropriate:

"If you're looking for a celebrity "role model" with a long torso/short legs, it's Keira Knightley. I remember she once said in an interview that a designer criticized her short legs while she was trying on a dress so she ended up wearing pants instead. After I read the interview, I had a look at some of her photos, and she does have a long torso/short legs. That made me feel a bit better."

I will try to find that article to get the exact quote form our role model Miss Keira.

10 December 2009

keira knightley and mother

Our favorite long torsoed beauty, is seen here with her mother who has normal proportions as supposed to her daughter. If you look at where their legs begin at the crotch, it's almost at the same level for both mother and daughter, making their legs of equal length. But look how far Keira's shoulders reach, significantly higher than her her mothers.