18 February 2011

poll - least flattering clothing

Here is a poll, we all adore polls. The question is, what type of clothing do you consider to be least flattering for our body type, of long torso with short legs. What makes us look the worst?
You can select more then one answer.

17 February 2011

Cheryl Cole and Celeb Insecurities

Update: We have a new photo as suggested by one reader, which better showcases Cheryl's proportions.
I came across a slide-show on British Glamour magazine, about celebrities and their insecurities, with quotes and photos. Some of them are relevant to our blog, including Shakira, Cheryl Cole, Mischa Barton, and Scarlette Johansson who talk of their short legs. Check it out here.

The photo above is of Cheryl Cole, she has a slight disproportion, not as strong as she sees it, I am sure. She wears very high heels constantly and it's difficult to find images where we can see her legs as they really are, but this one of her in flip-flops is good.
Cheryl was voted the sexiest woman in the world, and a few other titles including most photogenic.

She says "'I’ve got a new fondness for high-waisted jeans because they make my legs look longer.'

There is also a nice quote by Cheryl saying:
"If somebody sees a bit of cellulite on my legs that's been circled in a magazine and it makes them feel comfortable then I'm happy that I've made that one person at home go 'Cheryl's got cellulite, it's fine'. I do it myself. I flick through magazines and see Kate Moss has got cellulite and it makes me feel happier about myself. You can't help it."
We certainly do it here as well.

12 February 2011

Christine Martin

Christine Martin is a English beauty queen, and former Miss Liverpool. I believe she has become a lingerie model as well. She has a toned and slim body, and the suitable long torso for posing in magazine in near undress. This is something we have noticed to be with these types of models, long legs are rare, and all the focus is on the feminine and beautiful torso. Something to be proud off.

8 February 2011

Brave Reader 3

Here is our third photo submitter, she writes: "I'm looking for some advice regarding how I can dress to disguise my odd proportions. I have always had a long, fairly-thin torso and shortish muscular legs...but add a round bum, skinny ankles, and long feet to the mix and it just gets a whole lot weirder."

I do understand the way you describe your body, however it is not as "odd" as you believe it to be. Your legs are shortish and muscular as you say, however you have great ankles, slim ones are always good, (imagine if they were the opposite). Live Tyler was quoted saying this a few years ago "I’ll always have a more round stomach, but thank God I have thin ankles.” Liv does not have a long torso, and that is why she has a fuller stomach area. She means that not being skinny is saved by thin ankles which give a elegant slim look.

Your body is most similar to Kelly Osbourne's, now that she has slimmed down. I don't know if you are of similar height, you appear taller, but Kelly too has short muscular legs with quite pronounced calves, and tiny ankles, and a long torso.

Your calves in comparison are much slimmer then hers, and your ankle to knee length is good, and appears longer then the knee to hips length, which is desired.

Regarding your outfits, the top two are good; the bikini is adorable, and quite on track with our bathing suit advice, very flattering. The blueish dress has a wonderful high waist, fitted top half, and flowy from the waist down with a good length, and matched with the black tights and shoes, it's ideal.

The outfits with the black short shorts, would be better if the shirts were shorter, thus raising your visual waistline.

I general, I think you can follow all the clothing advice on this blog, your proportions are not odd.

Sorry Dear Readers

Yes my dearest readers, I have been a terrible blogger, and have not posted in more then a month. During this time I went on two ski holidays, which was wonderful, then got captured by that plants vs zombies game for two weeks or so, not wonderful, I am not a gamer at all, but it was kind of fun, and certainly too addictive.
I feel terrible, and am so grateful for your loyal following, and will do my best to not leave you hanging for this long again, or at least give you a warning in advance.
So, so sorry once again.