19 December 2010

Georgie Thompson

Georgie is an English TV personality and sports presenter. She is an attractive female with a normal sized and voluptuous torso quite adored by sport fans, however below the reporting desk she has extremely short legs, almost dwarf like which are rarely viewed by the public. She is also just five feet tall and is "addicted to high heels"

Interestingly, she owns a dachshund, those long dogs with extremely short legs, and you know what they say about dog's and their owners...(they look alike, and that people unconsciously choose a dog that looks like them).

Nonetheless Georgie was voted as 52nd sexiest women alive by FHM magazine a few years ago.

18 December 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow

I like Gwyneth, despite quite a lot of people not liking her, so I am overjoyed to discover she too has our sort of physique, some of you even said my body proportions are like hers. The reason I had not noticed her lengthy torso is that one, she always wears very high heels, and two, it appears her legs are longer from ankle to knee, and shortish from the knees to hips. These long shins of her's give the appearance of lengthy legs, when she wears dresses.

When Gwyneth is with her children however, she chooses sensible shoes and clothes, and this is when we can glance at her true proportions, which are not extreme but nonetheless a lengthy torso with medium legs.

By the way that bikini of her's is very wrong for her body type, it's too tiny and too low down, she needs to chose a higher rise bottom, other then that her fashion choices have been quite good, she does mask her proportions quite well.

17 December 2010

Marilyn Monroe

Ah Marilyn Monroe, a vision of beauty and sexiness, the ultimate beloved icon!
And yet, she might as well be the Lady Short Legs, or at least the pin up for Lady Short Legs. By today's standards she is indeed considered short legged and plump, however she is nevertheless still adored. In this article the writer speaks of "Monroe's unruly breasts, her wide bottom, short legs, cellulite-dappled thighs and rounded, womanly stomach" I find the article a bit vulgar, nonetheless we can take pride in having the body of one of the most desired women of modern time. 

2 December 2010

brave reader 2

Here is our brave reader number two, she says: "Many of the women you have posted have very long, lovely legs!  Or perhaps that's just compared to me.  I have very, very short legs.  My inseam is 23 inches, and my full height is five feet and one inch.  I've always heard that dreaded comment from friends: "You have a great torso BUT....your legs are too short."  Oh, I know.  I've forever hoped that I'd have a miraculous growth spurt and catch up with my peers at their 5'8'' or 5'9'' statures.  But no, I've always been the small one.  My short legs make it impossible to "work" an outfit like my long-legged friends.  I've been left in their shadows for far too long (Figuratively and literally)! Of course, I'm the short one in the photos.  I kept some of my friends in for contrast."

Dear reader, by looking at the photos I can see you are indeed short, however, your proportions appear close to balanced, your legs are not "very, very short", only a little bit short, it's your overall height that is petite. In fact your proportions are almost the same as your tallest friend where both of you are on the beach, with her everything is long (torso & legs), with you everything is shortish (torso & legs). Besides you have a nice body, slim yet curvaceous, with a very pretty face (I've seen it), so stop your insecurities.

I think in many cases we see ourselves much more disproportionate then we truly are, that is how it is with me, and the first photo submitter and you too.