2 May 2011

Irina Shayk

By Kacy
Hello Readers,
I’ve thought that Irina Shayk has had the long torso/ short leg proportion for awhile now, but I thought I was alone until I saw someone in the comments say the same thing. So I now have the confidence to try write a post on her.
You might recognize her from the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition this year, after appearing in it for the past FIVE years. Because of her long torso, she has the small waist that goes with it, and the automatically sexy body that goes with that. Like Lady Short Legs said before, we have what seems to be the preferred swimsuit model body type. :)
Oh and she’s dating Cristiano Ronaldo. Some think he’s greasy, I personally think he is a pretty darn handsome athlete. Either way, he has his pick of the ladies from all over the world, and he picks the long torso/ short legged Irina!

Note by LSL: Irina has a great body without a doubt, however her legs are average and her torso longish, especially the waist/pelvis area. You can see how the space form her belly button to her crotch is lengthy, and she also has a sort of low seated butt, as in not a high prominent one that begins at her tail bone, but a lower and flatter one starting from below her tail bone. I think this may be a common feature with us girls, well at least mine is that way. As I have said before, working on our Gluteus(buttock) muscles really can do a great deal to even out our proportions, or at least we can arch our back more (as models do) for an "S" curve appearance.