19 September 2010


There has been talk of having Polls on this blog, to survey and compare the prorpotions of the celebrities/subjects of Lady Short Legs. There could be two types of polls:

-One would be included in every post, questioning how the lady in question is proportioned. Meaning is she (in your opinion);
normal legs with normal torso
normal legs with long torso
short legs with long torso
short legs with normal torso

-The second type of poll, would be comparing two celebrities who are of similar height or build, for example Rachel Bilson with Christina Ricci, or Keira Knightley with Paris Hilton, or Jessica Simpson with Hayden Panettiere, and so on.

You can now vote in the poll to the right to let me know how you feel.

15 September 2010

nicole scherzinger

I have always considered Nicole Scherzinger as having a nice waist and stomach, and now it ties together, her legs are a bit on the short side, and her torso is beautifully feminine. In her music videos and her general style, focuses quite a bit on her stomach area, showcasing her lovely torso, perhaps we too should take example and not try hide our proportions all the time, but put them proudly on display once in a while. 

9 September 2010

Lily Aldridge

Our Victoria's Secrete mystery beauty has been identified at last by one of our observant readers. Her name is Lily Aldridge, and although she looks Brazilian, or Spanish or something exotic of that sort she is in fact from Los Angeles. She has started working regularly with Victoria's Secret and is on the rise.
She is apparently 5'8" or 5'9", and by observing more photos of her, I feel she is not as disproportionate as we first believed (it must have been the clothes), however I still feel she is not long legged like say Gisele, instead being normalish, or a little bit long torsoed.

6 September 2010

Rachel Bilson bikini

Here are some recent beach photos of Rachel Bilson, as pointed out by two of our readers (thanks). What we can observer here is Rachel's proportions, yes she does have short legs, she does have a long torso, and yet she is gorgeously sexy.
However those tiny bikini's of her's are not flattering, particularly the bottoms, they are so minute in size, that they make everything in their vicinity exaggerated; the thighs, the hips and the butt, and of course the torso appears even longer then it is.
Still my dear ladies, just look at that lovely waistline, one that short torsoed gals could only fantasize about in their wildest dreams.