8 February 2010

clothing advice - bottom half

I began this blog because I am afflicted with the short legs/long torso thing, and could not find a site specifically focused on our issue, so I thought to start one myself. Here is my best advice that I have gathered over the years and experienced and tested on myself:

My greatest advice is to wear all black on the bottom half of your body as this color lengthens, and narrows and distracts. Thus your shoes, socks, tights, leggings, skirts, trousers and so forth should be ideally all black, or at least a similar color like navy, brown, gray etc...

Try to wear some sort of a high heel, obviously spiky four/five inch stilettos are unreasonable, who wears those, I certainly don't. But a wedge, or a sturdy stacked heel by a brand that focuses on comfort is a very good idea. During summer when your legs are bare choose shoes that are nude colored to match you skin town. During winter tall boots reaching your knee or higher and very flattering, however never buy boots that are lower than the knee, either mid calf or those cute looking ankle booties.

Never ever wear pedal pushers, or capris, or cropped pants as this drastically shortens you legs. Thus either wear short shorts, (never below the knee) or long pants/trousers that touch the ground. Regarding waist lines, those low waisted jeans that sit at the hips or lower are extremely unflattering for us girls, so higher waisted ones are much better, but be careful to not go too high in the waist as that can draw attention to the problematic long back area.

When it comes to skirts, don't choose pencil or narrow tight skirts as this shows how low your rear end really is, so it is better wear high waisted skirts (at your belly button) that are very puffy, almost like a ballerina tutu, or like skirts of the 1950's which become an almost complete circle when you spin around. This way people are tricked into thinking our legs are long, and our behind quite high up. Also regarding skirts, A-line skirts are fine too, but stay away from dropped waistlines, the ones that are tight through the waist and buttocks, but then fan out. These can make a woman's behind look voluptuously nice, but this style will only accentuate a long back, shorten the legs even further.

My primary outfit of this winter is high heeled black boots reaching the knee, black thick wool/nylon tights, and winter short shorts, in black.

2 February 2010

model torso

Model Marisa Miller is known for her toned body, and large natural breasts which are usually showcased on Victoria's Secret or in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She does also have quite a long torso, which gives that tight flat stomach, while her legs are of average length. I would not say they are short, but they certainly are not long legs.

Imagine ladies, if a girl with a long torso is accepted in the fashion/modeling industry, it really is confidence inducing for us.