30 November 2010

edita vilkeviciute

I adore discovering successful models, who have more normal proportions like us, and I know you enjoy reading about them too, as it's an extra special boost of comfort and confidence. Here is Edita, a model from Lithuania, who does a lot of fashion shows and has an abundance of major campaigns in her resume. I think I first noticed her proportions in the all-white photo with Alessandra, and from there I found more photos to support my opinion, that she is not particularly long legged, in fact I would say she has a slightly long torso and normal legs. Take note that in all the photos she is wearing high heels, but her longish torso is nonetheless noticeable. In the last candid beach photo, she is obviously not wearing high heels and one can see her proportions are not otherworldly.

29 November 2010

brave reader 1

Here is our first brave reader to share images of herself with us. We shall call her "photo submitter 1" and she writes:
"I have forever been self-conscious as the result of a comment my voice teacher made once about my "disproportionately short legs." I'm not sure about the angles at which some of these were taken, though I am on stage in the one with jeans, thus the photograph was taken from the audience at a lower level."

Dear photo submitter 1, you have a great body and that blue dress of yours is gorgeous and entirely ideal for the LSL type of body as it visually raises the level where the legs begin. The tight dresses do flatter your slim and feminine waist, however they do show that your hips are a little bit lower down then average, and I mean only slightly, and only if I am looking at you in a critical manner. Otherwise you appear close to normal. However looking at the photo in which you are wearing jeans you appear very long legged, due to the low flattering angle. Really you have nothing to be insecure about.

25 November 2010

Jodie Foster

Here is Jodie Foster in a number of dresses and we can see how short legged she is, especially in the photo from behind. When looking at the image of when she was a young teen she appears to be quite long legged, making me wonder how it is that her proportions changed.

Does it have to do with how our buttocks sag with age, making the back appear longer and legs shorter? I am not saying Jodie has a saggy butt (well its normal for her age), but I can certainly say that about myself. When I look at myself in full length in profile (from the side), it's my butt that separates the back from the legs, and my butt being flat and not perky it does bring down the length of the back. However when I flex my butt, thus brining it up, my torso is suddenly shorter. In conclusion I think it can do wonders to work on your buttocks to make them perky and raised.
I will perhaps include a photo of myself from the side as evidence.

height & leg poll

As suggested by one of our readers:
What would you rather be?

Very short like Kylie Minogue, but with proportionally long legs
Tall like Keira Knightley, but with relatively very short legs?