17 January 2010

paris hilton

Paris Hilton, is another celebrity who has a case of long torso/short legs, but unlike say Keira Knightley, or Christina Applegate, she is very unaware of it. This is seen by the choice of clothing, for example someone like her should never wear low waisted shorts, or bathing suits, as they greatly lengthen the torso even further. On top of that, I remember reading that she thought her legs were her best physical attribute. Her legs on their own are fine, but coupled with her huge feet, and long torso, they become disproportionate. Still she is considered attractive by some, giving us gals some comfort.


  1. I wonder what her inseam is? I know she's like 5'7'', i'm really curious.

  2. She is one of those people who fool you into thinking they are leggy, but when you look closer you see she isn't.

  3. Yes you are quite right, anonymous from July 23rd.