19 September 2010


There has been talk of having Polls on this blog, to survey and compare the prorpotions of the celebrities/subjects of Lady Short Legs. There could be two types of polls:

-One would be included in every post, questioning how the lady in question is proportioned. Meaning is she (in your opinion);
normal legs with normal torso
normal legs with long torso
short legs with long torso
short legs with normal torso

-The second type of poll, would be comparing two celebrities who are of similar height or build, for example Rachel Bilson with Christina Ricci, or Keira Knightley with Paris Hilton, or Jessica Simpson with Hayden Panettiere, and so on.

You can now vote in the poll to the right to let me know how you feel.


  1. Maybe polls now and then, but with sensitivity in the questions to be asked?

  2. Marie-if you're out there reading,

    Although I disagreed with you about the polls, I just wanted to say that I too at times have thought there was something wrong with some body part (butt's too big, hair too frizzy), or thought that it was 'mis-shapen'. But, this is a positive blog and it's made me realize that maybe I magnified things in my head. Do you know what I mean? I don't think the polls are to make fun of or cast anyone in a negative light.

    While we're focused on short legs on this blog, all of us are more than one body part. I think that's the good part of focusing on celebrities because we can see them as personalities with careers and significant others.

    Anyways, I hope you, and everyone, keeps posting.

  3. I'm not really pro-poll, but I do like the pictures of beautiful celebrities with "our" shape. Why not use this blog to broaden the accepted standards of beauty?
    Ex: Kate Beckinsdale. I've seen photos of her working out and she looks more like me that Giselle. That's awesome.

  4. I don't think most people would think that Kate Beckinsale has short legs. Maybe, the polls would help provide a reality check for us...? Either way, take it as a compliment if your proportions are like hers.

  5. Nicole Scherzinger has a smoking body. She may look a smidge long waisted (with normal legs in my eyes), but watching her and other contestants on Dancing with the Stars, I thought that Jenny Garth (blonde from 90210) had relatively shorter legs. And Jenny has an exquisite face of a porcelain doll with naturally blonde hair?

  6. I just noticed it in her bikini pictures, because she usually looks so leggy in the red carpet. I remember reading that she is part Asian (a small part), and what looks the most Asian about her is her longer, slender torso and her somewhat muscular, average length legs:

  7. Sorry, here's the work out one:

  8. this website is really cool. In high school, a girl pointed out that I had "short" legs and then wanted to tell and show everyone. It made me really self-concious and still does 5 years after graduating!!

    This website definitely gave me a boost of confidence :) Thanks a lot!!

  9. I always thought Francia Raisa was a shorter girl with a long torso. What do you think??


  10. Nelly Furtado!!


  11. I think Alicia Keys kind of has short legs/long torso..


  12. Thank you for the tips on Nelly and Francia and Alicia they do seem suitable for lady short legs, so I will look into it.

    Regarding the high school girl who pointed out to everybody that you have short legs, ugh what a cruel evil bitch. Well, I am happy this site is helping undo some of that damage, hopefully all.

  13. And Jennie, and Kate too, I will look them up thanks girls.

  14. What if you were to ask us about ourselves? Like what our biggest short leg related insecurities are, where we shop, what we love about our bodies, etc.? That could be a positive way to spin the polls.

  15. yes! It was cruel. This girl was actually a "big" girl. so I never understood why she talked about me. I think it was one of those things where people make fun of other people to make themselves feel good.

    thanks again for making an amazing blog :)

    --The girl who posted about high school. lol

  16. Yes, people can be very snarky, catty. Probably, we all do it unknowingly and knowingly each in our own way unfortunately.

    But, I think it really smarts, hurts, when it hits a nerve, when it strikes us where we live. Everyone's got their kryptonite.

  17. Just a thought, and perhaps it will get shot down, but if this is a blog to help us shorter-legged ladies feel good about ourselves... what if occasionally we submitted some pics (even with covered faces) to the Lady Short Legs herself and she could post them and then people could poll about what they like about us and we could all do that for each other??