14 September 2012

Man who Thinks Short Legs are Hot

I came across your blog, and I found it quite interesting. The subject of women with short legs is not something that gets touched upon much in media at all, so it was interesting to read your take on the matter.

Personally, I have frequently feared that I might be something of a weirdo (and a potential pariah, if I were to be open about my inclinations), as I happen to find short-legged women rather attractive. As far as my past girlfriends in the past have been concerned, I have always found it best to steer clear of the matter (so I might say things like "Oh, you are so hot with your flat stomach and your beautiful face and the way we like the same books and can talk about them," but I have never dared to add that I also found their short legs (in comparison to the torso) attractive, as I was afraid she might think of me as some kind of perverse deviant (or - alternately: feel overly conscious about her own body).

I keep wondering, however, whether this is the right thing to do. I know you have no authority to speak on behalf of short-legged women at large, but as far as you may feel your view is worth: what is your opinion of this dilemma - i.e., if a man actually feels (like I do, and I believe other men do as well), that short legs are a plus in a woman' sexiness department rather than a minus, would it be best for him to say that outright, or would it be better if he simply didn't mention the matter at all (since it could send the wrong signals, as in making the woman think that maybe he is just some pervert who doesn't truly love her but is merely attracted to features that she herself is uncomfortable about)?

I don't know if my letter is too rambling to make proper sense of, but if I were to try to make it less messy, my question is something like this: for those men who find short-legged women attractive, how should we communicate this viewpoint? Should we simply keep it to ourselves? Should we be open about it? Should we be open about it in general, but not mention it to our (short-legged) girlfriends in order to not make them feel uncomfortable about it (after all, one would suspect that few women would enjoy the thought of their boyfriend being attracted to them due to what many may see as some weird fetish or something)? Or the other way around? Or should one behave in some other matter entirely? Or does it all depend on the specific situation?

I don't know if you would find it interesting or worthwhile to address this matter, but *if* you do, I would surely find it interesting if you wrote a blog post about it (as in "Men who think short legs are hot: what you should say, and what you shouldn't" or whatever else may suit best). Though, of course, I would appreciate if you anonymized my own identity by referring to me by some appropriate nickname like "Does not agree with the ideals of the fashion industry" or "Thinks short legs look good" or whatever else would suit).

I realize that this blogpost suggestion may be something of an intrusion, since the website is clearly directed towards women, yet at the same time I think it may be useful to address the fact that - while our culture as large seems to celebrate women with as long legs as possible - not all men are unison in their preference for this, and to discuss the matter of how these men should best relate to the fact that their taste may (or may not) be deviant without hurting the feelings of their paramours. Even if you yourself might not have any specific feedback to make about it, perhaps your readers have relevant experiences.

Either way, I eagerly await your views if you chose to address the matter.

Yours truly
One man (among more than one might have thought) who think the long-torso/short-legs build is not at all a turn-off.

Lady Short Legs: Thank you for sharing your positive opinion. In regards to your question, I think if a woman is unaware of having short legs, then you should keep quiet, and just enjoy her beauty without mentioning the length of the legs. However if she is aware of her shortish legs, and is insecure about them by voicing this opinion to you, then by all means shower her with lower limb adoration.


  1. Any woman would love to hear "you have beautiful legs." Adding "short" in there sounds passive-aggressive.

  2. I agree with Lady Short Legs: if the gf knows she has short legs, definitely compliment her on them, if not, drawing her attention to them would only make her self-conscious. It's lovely to know that there are men out there that find the short leg look attractive though!!