20 December 2009

kate hudson bikini and rear

Kate Hudson is an attractive female actress, with a leg to torso proportion that is close to equal, but upon closer inspection her torso does appear slightly longer. This is best observed in these bikini photos where you can see that from her shoulder to the beginning of her thighs the distance is quite long. In her favor is her good and shapely bottom which balances out this mild disproportion, and the fact that she is overall a cute girl.

Working on ones buttocks is in fact, one of the best things a girl like us can do, as this brings the buttocks up and thus shortens the back, and consequently lengthens the legs. Whereas as a bottom that is low and saggy really does make ones back appear even longer! I suppose an instant improvement would be to wear an undergarment that lifts the rear.


  1. Cycling is great for the glutes and will keep your butt shapely.

  2. I think most peoples torsos are slightly longer. The leg length is usually only 45% of a person's total length so she is not disproportional

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