13 December 2009

vogue forum

There is a great thread on the forum pages of Australian Vogue, on our subject of short legs/long torso. It is from 2006, but still very relevant, and reading the what the lovely females have shared on the subject really does make one feel better, and gives one a sense of not being alone on this matter. One quote by "shopaholic*" is especially appropriate:

"If you're looking for a celebrity "role model" with a long torso/short legs, it's Keira Knightley. I remember she once said in an interview that a designer criticized her short legs while she was trying on a dress so she ended up wearing pants instead. After I read the interview, I had a look at some of her photos, and she does have a long torso/short legs. That made me feel a bit better."

I will try to find that article to get the exact quote form our role model Miss Keira.