3 March 2010

victoria's secret model

An astute reader of Lady Short Legs brought my attention to a model that we don't know the name of yet, but she is quite an exotic beauty.

"In the new Victoria's Secret catalog (the Spring 2010 Casual) there is pictured a lovely brunette model with a very long torso and short legs. She is on pages 13 and 17, and perhaps she is also shown elsewhere. I thought her addition was a refreshing detour from the perpetually long-legged models that are constantly showcased in that catalog."

In these images she does appear to have quite a long torso coupled with short legs, however it is not certain, as it could be that she is wearing the trousers very very low. I will be on the look out for a full body shot of her in a bathing suit, to truly determine if she is indeed proportioned like us. 

Images via Victoria's Secret.


  1. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that is Lily Aldridge! She's currently dating the lead singer of the band Kings of Leon!

  2. My goodness I think you are right! I have never heard of her until now, she is quite pretty, wow thank you for identifying her.