4 October 2010

not just ladies

There are men with long torso just like us females, take for example Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, his torso is endlessly long, thus being the ultimate swimmers body. However  I could not find a full length photo of him besides an ugly wet suit one. All the focus is on his magnificent torso.
I sometimes envision myself being an athlete, with this torso and lengthy arms I have, I could be an Olympian too, if only my parents had signed me up for swimming classes.

Here is a humorous write up by a man on the topic of freakish extend-o-matic torsos.

However I don't think there is an actual medical "long torso syndrome"


  1. I think I read somewhere men's torsoes are longer than women's as a rule... Anyway he has great slim hips and a sexy V-shape.
    I really enjoy seeing the positive aspects of being long-torsoed, and wondering if Jessica Alba might not be one of us gals ? Although her proportions are not very extreme, she has a nice long back and good abs which are both typical.

  2. http://www.denimology.com/2008/06/kate_moss_in_grey_jeans_siwy_her_own_brand.php
    I think Kate Moss is another candidate for short-leg long torso-edness.

  3. Paul Rudd and Alec Baldwin. Love them both.

  4. And Keanu Reeves too (very slightly).

  5. Matthew McConaughey and Mel Gibson.

  6. Dear Lady Short Legs,
    Thank you very much for this blog. I just discovered it and it is so nice to discover there are others with the same body type. I was always self conscious about my long torso as a teenager. I'm just under 5'4 and am the same height as my 6'3 boyfriend (who has very long legs) when we're sitting down. I think the best advantage of long torso/short legs: 1. I never have problems of my view being blocked at lectures or the movies 2. My legs are short enough to fit into children's pants.

  7. I think a long torso and short legs are seen as totally different on a man though. In fact I would have thought the ideal male figure, in the contemporary view at least, is seen as having a reasonabally long torso compared to legs. Certainly not stubby legs, but I think very long legs relative to torso are only seen as desirable on females because they look elegant, graceful and (rightly or wrongly) make her look more fragile. I don't think a 'leggy' man, so to speak, is usually seen as having the ideal male body.

    Having said that, my boyfriend has gorgeous long legs, and I think they look great hehe

  8. I just saw the new cover of some lad mag, and it said that Minka Kelly was the next Sexiest lady of the year. They had this lovely shot of her curvy and slender torso, and it looked familiar. I looked up some pictures of her and sure enough, she's one of us:
    (this also has a pic of Leighton Meester, who is also kind of short legged, but is shorter in the torso than Minka).

  9. Here are some photos of Alessandra in a bikini. Her 'disproportion' is barely noticeable if not nonexistent. She looks very, very tall. And incredibly lean.


    I think the people who voted that her legs are very short are crazy.

  10. Men usually have proportionately longer legs than women. They just look like they don't because the pants hang lower, they have broader shoulders, and the lack of a curvy torso or straight torso gives the illusion that their legs are proportionately shorter.

  11. I don't care even if tall women over 5'6" have short legs. Because their height is already taller than average which means they already have longer legs than average people.

    Michael and the tennis player Maria are very tall and both long torso yet they have long legs too.

    In swimming, it seems long torso works. Actually Asians (Asians usually have long torso due to their vegetalian style since ancient. They have long istetines to digest vegtables which makes their torso long) do good at swimming and they often get the Gold and even hit the world record.

  12. I have never, EVER heard of Asians having longer intestines :). Are you over 5'6"?

  13. Lady SL,

    Is there any way that new comments can be placed prominently in a box somewhere? Sometimes, people continue to comment in older posts and it's easy to miss.

    There are also some inappropriate comments of late too...?

  14. About longer intestines, I've read the article about it on Asian website. The difference between Agricultural Tribe (East-Asians) and Hunting Tribe (Europeans). It is same as animals such as Goat and Lion. Goat has long intestines to digest leaves.

    Hunting Tribe had to have shorter intestines because meat(food) rotten inside of intestines that causes sick if they have long intestines. But Hunting Tribe is muscular which works for athletics/bodybuilding.

  15. Not everything you read on websites is true.

  16. Nice new design :). Thanks for the featuring the comments prominently! It's a bit hard to read though with the dark background.

  17. Tobey McGuire, Spider Man. I never knew he was that good of friends with Leonardo DeCaprio until recently. They are starring in the Great Gatsby together.

  18. have noticed following
    1.Long torso people can lift more weight,have strong upper body
    2.Are/can be better swimmers courtesy of large rib cages
    3.Long torsos are common among caucasians and asians
    4.Short torso people with long legs can be better sprinters this might be a structural benefit as they have to support less weight on their legs.This type can be seen in all blacks, some caucasians
    5.Caucasians(most of them) possess long & straight necks absent in blacks.