24 December 2010


Merry Christmas to you all lovely readers.


  1. Thank you, right back at you and to everyone else too!

    Merry X-mas, Happy Holidays!


  2. Thank God, it's over.

  3. Happy New Year dear LSL! You must be hard at work, and good for you:-)


    come across this pic on the Daily Mail website and it's interesting to see that some commentors disagree on the body shape of the woman. People only notice the disproportion when they recognise it (and we all do here, don't we?) Also, the mid rise bikini bottoms are rather flattering, no?

  4. What about Rose Byrne?

  5. Hey! I just read all your posts eheh. Been obssessing about my legs, my obsessions come and go and know i'm focusing on my apparently short legs. I'd love them to be longer :X I'm 5'8 (173cm to be exactly) and with an inseam of 29" (to the ankle bone) or 32" (to the floor). I never know what's the right one. I never felt like I had a big torso, altough I'm skinny I not exactly flat chested, maybe that helps (?). And people normally say my legs are really long, i don't understand :P
    I loved it here, just wanted to drop Kate Moss' name,she said she hates her short legs as well (:


  6. Hi LSL! You must be very busy - you went a month without posting! It seems that a lot of readers have a lot of examples. Would having guest contributors be something you'd permit as that would help keep up the momentum of the blog?

  7. yes, we miss you!

  8. To the commenter who is 5'8" and 32 inch leg length, your proportions are fine, you have good height and a 32 leg length is quite fine as well, not short legs.

    Thanks for missing me girls, I am back, and that is a good idea about having guest contributors, I have thought about it before, so perhaps YES.