18 December 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow

I like Gwyneth, despite quite a lot of people not liking her, so I am overjoyed to discover she too has our sort of physique, some of you even said my body proportions are like hers. The reason I had not noticed her lengthy torso is that one, she always wears very high heels, and two, it appears her legs are longer from ankle to knee, and shortish from the knees to hips. These long shins of her's give the appearance of lengthy legs, when she wears dresses.

When Gwyneth is with her children however, she chooses sensible shoes and clothes, and this is when we can glance at her true proportions, which are not extreme but nonetheless a lengthy torso with medium legs.

By the way that bikini of her's is very wrong for her body type, it's too tiny and too low down, she needs to chose a higher rise bottom, other then that her fashion choices have been quite good, she does mask her proportions quite well.


  1. Gwyneth looks pretty proportionate to me in those top two pictures. Maybe she isn't "leggy" like a lot of women are but the length of her legs isn't distracting when taken together with her torso (as in, noticeably short).

  2. I'm so glad you posted on her. There have been other pictures of her over the years that I've seen that show her long, long torso even more. I think no one notices as much if a long torso isn't accompanied by short legs. But long legs instead.

    Nor do I think her thighs or upper arms (from shoulder to elbow) are disproportionately short, but since they are the part of the limbs next to the torso, her long torso just make them look short in comparison. Agreed that the thigh/shin ratio is completely normal.

    I'm a big fan of hers, even GOOP. I've seen almost all her movies. Her fashion choices are edgy, sometimes high fashion, usually make her look great, and who cares when she's just out and about with her kids.


  3. I think you should post Megan Fox. Her disproportion is more obvious than Gwyneth's imo.

  4. I don't think Gwynnie sees herself a one of us somehow...

  5. But her legs are indeed proportionally short from knee to crotch, but not from knee to foot.

    This proportion is indeed good for hiding the fact that the overall leg length is short, much better than the length being long from knee to crotch. So much so, that I think the owner of such proportions can easily be unaware.

    Well, I am probably a bit biased about Gwynnie, as I remember reading a comment by some one who went to school with her and how she would look at other girls in the showers after sports, as though she was thinking how interesting all the various body shapes were (obviously implying that she felt hers was better). This was of course an entirely subjective perception on the part of the person commenting.

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  7. This picture shows her disproportion more clearly:


  8. Thanks for the photo, I added it to the post