3 April 2011

Contributers Welcome

As you surely have noticed I have not been writing very regularly or frequently as of late. I do adore this blog, however life has been keeping me busy. Therefore I am making it official to you all that you can contribute to Lady Short Legs by submitting articles to me.
All that is required is some text and photos which are relevant to the subject of the blog, and if you like I can then link to your site/blog etc... An good example of a submitted "article" is the one below, on Princess Kate.
Topics do not necessarily have to be on celebrities, they can be about scientific/medical findings, polls, advice, theories and so on.
This is for free of course.

Submissions are to be emailed to my regular contact info: LadyShortLegs@gmail.com


  1. Fergie has short legs/long torso. I think her bikini pics need to be added to the blog.

  2. Below is a picture of Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere. They are roughly around the same height, but Emma has a short torso/long legs and Hayden has a long torso/short legs. If you just look at Emma (and cover up Hayden in the picture with your hand), it appears that she is tall. If you do the opposite and just look at Hayden, she seems pretty short. This goes to show you how proportions can really have an effect on how tall someone can appear to be.


  3. Body type seems to run in the family. In my case I take after my dad, who also has a longer torso compared to his leg length. Here are pics of Audrina and her mum looking very similar, and wearing poor swimsuit choices.


  4. I was just looking at that yesterday!

  5. Just wanted to share some pics. Just come across these of Irina Shayk, swimsuit model, showing her longer torso (reallu apparent in photo 4 as her navel is very far from her hip bones). I say this because my torso is similar. It's nice to see there actually lots of beautiful women with longer torsos out there!

  6. Wow, great pic of Emma and Hayden. I knew Emma was lanky (in a good way!) but did not realize how much of her whole body was taken up by her legs. Lucky girl! However, Hayden also looks great in this pic. Aside from the uggs, it's a good outfit on her. She hides her torso quite well with the cropped jacket/long vest combo -- a great way for short legged ladies to wear skinny jeans.

  7. The funny thing is that some people will assume a famous person has long legs, even when they blatantly don't. Google 'Hayden Panatierre long legs' and at least a few pics come up. Here is one of them:


    In what universe are these perceived to be long? And yet some one sees them as that. Is it simply that every famous, attractive woman, who is photographed in a short skirt and heels will be perceived to have long legs? That because they are considered attractive enough to have made it in such a looks oriented industry that they must fit our society's ideal in every way and therefore have long legs? And that some people then see something that just isn't there?

  8. Here is a picture of the UK show Strictly Come Dancing. It shows various celebs who were taking part, but the interesting thing is that it shows how a very short woman can have legs as long as women who are significantly taller. The short woman is Tina O'Brien, an ex soap star, who is little over 5'. All the other women apart from the girl on the far left appear to be between 5'4" and 5'6", yet her legs are at least as long as or longer than all of theirs. Only the woman on the far left is much taller, and even her legs aren't much longer. This makes me sure I would rather be 5' with proportionally long legs, than 5'10" with relatively short ones. Unfortunately I will only ever be short with short legs lol


  9. Megan fox has short legs as well..check this photo

  10. and check these too


    yep she definitely has short legs...Wow this makes me feel so much better about myself..Thanks Megan

  11. Here are some new pics of Rachel Bilson looking great in a bikini. It seems she has toned up her problem areas (thighs, buttocks) making her look more proportioned since the last pics of her in a bikin. Here body shape looks super, making the most of her long torso.
    Makes me proud to be fair-skinned and long-torsoed:-)

  12. Esti Ginzburg could be one. I don't know maybe her pear shaped body misled me. You make the decision.

  13. Another long-torsoed beauty, with very stark proportions (very elongated torso). Shame about the fake enhancements which only highlight how tiny she is on top.


  14. Hey you guys :)! I'm such a Fan of keeley hazell! She always seems to have Long legs and a Long Torso but she's only 5'6. What do you guys think? (There are Done unphotoshopped pics.)



  15. I can't believe I just found this blog! This is amazing. I needed this ten years ago, when I was a teen, and freaking out: I have an extra vertebrae, hence, a crazy long torso and short legs. It sure does help to have see this body type pointed out ! I hope you keep writing, this rocks.