2 April 2011

office chair issue

A reader writes in with a question:

"Everyone always envy's my body for the tiny waist and womanly curves, but its because I hide my short legs with long boot leg pants and high heels."

However she continues: "My biggest issue is that I have a desk job in which I sit at a computer for 8-10 hours a day.  My head towers over my coworkers if I sit up straight because of my long back. That causes me to slouch down and now I have neck and back issues. I tried to lower my seat all the way down but it doesn't go down far enough. I was wondering what other people that are built like me do when they have desk jobs?"

Having your office chair lowered all the way down is certainly your best step, however slouching is not good for your health, as you said, and sitting up straight is always elegant regardless of how long your back is. If it really bothers you, you could look into office chairs that can go down even lower then your present one, however I am sure your co-workers don't take notice these things, and besides siting up high is nice, sort of regal like.  

What are your thoughts?

Update: A kneeling chair is one of the better options for our body type, as it keeps the spine in proper alignment, and helps you to sit up straight. A good source for such chairs is: ErgoDepot.


  1. I have a similar problem. I have the torso of someone 6ft. tall with the legs of someone 5'6" (so I cancel out at 5'8" :P). So with a torso 6 inches longer than my legs I can definitely empathize! I have a lumbar pillow that I stick in my chair to support my back and put the height at an average/medium height. Though I have to alternate between sitting up really straight and slouching. It gets tiring holding up that torso after a while!

  2. You know, I've noticed I've started slouching when I'm at the computer too, I just feel so tall and when I look down at my legs... they're so short! :( People think it's all in my head but I do think the longer back can bring with it some physical issues sometimes, especially when we're so self-conscious that we tend to slouch to hide it.

  3. I have always had the same problem! Sitting up straight at my desk with my long torso gets so tiring after a few hours. Whenever it is not inappropiate (ie when few colleagues and no guests are around), I fold a leg underneath me for extra support. I have often thought it would be ideal to a have a kneeling chair, it would really help me keeping my posture:


    I might start out by getting one for my home office any day now!

    Wishing you strength and great posture!

  4. Bring a chair from home and say that you love it and it's comfy and you would like to sit on it. No one will mind. Also, I'm sure that many people in your office, having "normal" proportions, also slouch. They just don't care. Working in the office, I was often amazed how many people don't give a shit about their health.

  5. Yes I do agree that it gets tiring holding up a long torso, I slouch as well because of this.

    I had a kneeling chair in high school and I found it very comfortable, and I believe it did help with sitting up straighter, it teaches your back to not be lazy, I liked it a lot, I should get myself a another again, however it's not the most aesthetic looking thing.

  6. Home office chairs should be able to provide comfort and style at the same time. Check for adjustable chair. It caters to your posture so you feel relaxed even at the office.