22 March 2010

Hayden Panettiere & Shorts

Hayden Panettiere, is quite petite, and has very short legs as well, as pointed out by one of our readers.  In these photos above, her disproportion is clearly visible, she almost looks like a little person/midget. However she is attractive and considered sexy by most people, who don't notice her disproportion.

Here is a link with advice on how to wear shorts, and a photo of Hayden's legs looking proportioned thanks to her choice of clothing.


  1. this is a great blog! do you have a regular posting schedule?

  2. Thank you for reading the blog, and for your kind words.
    I really should have a posting schedule, because sometimes I don't blog in a month, then I do five posts in a week.
    I generally post when I have time, and also take not that information on the Lady Short Legs topic is not in abundance.

  3. i love your blog... after reading it i feel so much better about myself... i always find it so hard to have something suit my super long torso :) but now its good to know that there are ppl just like me... plzz post more advice about what kind of clothes should we wear.. and if possible can u also post some pics:)) thank u :))

  4. Hi, thanks for reading my blog and for comenting. I am happy it has made you feel better. Yes you are right, I really should post more clothing advice.

  5. This girl has probably the worst shape figure you could possibly have.

  6. Anonymous said...
    This girl has probably the worst shape figure you could possibly have.

    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    The above post is pure mean. Who is this person to judge someone else's body? We are all different. Thank goodness. That makes the world more beautiful and more interesting.