19 March 2010

korean legs

Here is a fun post on Pop Seoul, a website dedicated to Korean celebrities. In this particular post titled "Short Legs Unite", they showcase before and after photographs of female Korean stars, and the Photoshop that has been used on their legs. Asian cultures generally do have short legs, so for them the fantasy of long legs is even more desirable and extream, hence the exaggerated lengthy legs in the after images.


  1. Heeey:D

    I have very short legs and a long torso and I am so glad that you made this site! It lets me know that I am not the only one with short legs;) Thank you so much!!


    p.s. Hayden Panettiere has also short legs

  2. Thank you, I will certainly check out Hayden.

    I am delighted you like the blog, I have the same proportions too, so this site is as much for myself, as for the readers.

  3. Koreans and Japanese definitely have long torso and short legs... I've never noticed it in Chinese though. Their proportions seem "normal".

  4. Bo, I don't know either, well I believe all Asians are similarly proportioned, meaning most of them have a long torso.

  5. but look at this.. She actually has long legs