8 February 2011

Sorry Dear Readers

Yes my dearest readers, I have been a terrible blogger, and have not posted in more then a month. During this time I went on two ski holidays, which was wonderful, then got captured by that plants vs zombies game for two weeks or so, not wonderful, I am not a gamer at all, but it was kind of fun, and certainly too addictive.
I feel terrible, and am so grateful for your loyal following, and will do my best to not leave you hanging for this long again, or at least give you a warning in advance.
So, so sorry once again.


  1. I'm glad you are back!! Em x

  2. Just glad to hear you're okay. I was thinking something bad maybe happened... :(

  3. Not ski vacations? I thought you were American??

  4. Thanks for your concern second commenter, very sweet of you.

    Third commenter: Well, I have resided in England for many years as well, so I use both British and American words interchangeably.

  5. Happy to have you back again:-)))