26 April 2010

clothing advice - dresses

The greatest piece of clothing for us ladies is the dress, as it magically hides the exact place where the torso ends and the legs begin. However not all dresses do this, ones that are tight all over, particularly in the bottom area, only display how low down our butts really are. The best, most flattering dresses, are ones that are tight up top, drawing the attention up, showcasing good shoulders, arms, decollete, a small waist and so forth, but flowing and billowy and from the waist down. So empire waist dresses are perfect as well as those just at the waist, but never below. As for the hem of the dress, either at the knee or a just a little higher or lower, or a maxi dress reaching all the way down to the ground.

When the weather is cooler, pair your dress, with slimming solid-black tights and black heeled boots, or other such shoe-wear. When it is summery and you are bare legged, chose skin colored shoes.

Here's our Keira Knightley in a variety of appropriate dresses.


  1. GREAT BLOG and great advice. You know what you're talking about. :) xx

  2. You should also include Rachel Bilson on your blog. She also has a long waist and shorter legs. Unlike Keira she is short, and so it emphasizes her shorter legs even more. I would also hazard to say that Rachel as a worse torso to legs ratio than Keira. In addition, Rachel is supposedly very trendy, but I often think her fashion choices make her proportions look worse.

  3. Thanks for reading, and for your interesting tip on Rachel.

  4. hey you guys..Lady Gaga doesn't have long legs..Ive seen her on her videos.