1 April 2010

rosie o'donnell

Here is an amusing quote from Rosie O'donnell while attending the Martha Stewart show in 2009:

RO: [Sitting down] Look how much taller I am than you.
MS: I know!
RO: It’s because I have a very long torso.
MS: I need a couple of telephone books please.
RO: When my family would go to church when we were little, everybody would think, ‘oh, my god – they’re giants.’ And then we’d stand up and we’re pretty much the same height standing as we are sitting because I’ve got a 24 inch inseam…
MS: Mine’s like 40 [inches].
RO: Well, you’re a supermodel

Rosie's figure is not one to be particularly envious of, but she is still a very cool person, and that quote is hilarious.  Oh and of course Martha's legs are not 40 inches, perhaps 36.

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