18 April 2010

clothing advice - top half

The biggest taboo for us ladies, is the turtle neck, this item of clothing must never be worn, unless you are camping in cold weather, and with relatives. The only way it could possible be permitted would be if it were worn with a large scarf or poncho to mask the neck part. Basically all high  necklines are bad, as they enhance the length of torso, in fact even a basic tee-shirt is not so good, as it has a highish neck line. More feminine tee-shirt versions that have some buttons in the front to be left unbuttoned are a suitable alternative the regular tee. 

The optimal neck line, is a V neck, or other such low and open necklines, as these do not have a lengthening effect. If the weather is chilly you can wear other visible clothing underneath the V-neck but in a different color. In fact a tube-top is the ultimate torso shortening top, but one needs to have supple teenage breast to pull of this bra-less, no strap clothing item on its own. Otherwise wear a tube top over a shirt for example, sort of like a corset for a great all breasts type look. 

Layering is a very necessary practice for us, as many pretty tops are too short, thus equip yourself with basic tank tops in dark hues, that are long in length for layering under everything. This under shirt or tank should always be darker then the top layer shirt. This way it creates an illusion that your top half is shorter than it is, as the eye sees the end of the lightly colored top half clothing item as the end of the torso. Which brings me to one mistake some long torsoed females make, which is to wear just a long lengthed  top, or a tunic reaching the hips or thighs. Simply put, wherever your top clothing item touches your bottom clothing item is where the eye perceive the end of the torso and the beginning of the legs. So you want this important line to be relatively high, and if your trousers and your top do not meet then you bridge the gap those basic dark long tank tops.

Regarding color and pattern, the top half of the body is where you can go all. Keep the bottom half entirely black or dark, and the top half light to draw the attention up to your face and not down to your legs. You can have fun with color and patterns here, horizontal lines the the obvious best, and jewelry is also a good idea, especially earrings. 

Coats are best long to the knee with an elegant high waist and an A line spanning from the waist down to mask where the butt ends. They should be figure hugging only in the top half. Regarding short jackets, well they look very good with a dress, however when it comes to wearing them with trousers or jeans be careful of the length, it should not be to the hip, but higher.

Another cool optical illusion is long hair, as it covers the back, hiding its true length. Say you have your hair out and it reaches half way down you back, this really mask everything going on back there! So very short hair while being good for petite females as it does enhance the neck and make them seem taller, it is not good for us as it showcases our long backs. 

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  1. I've found that about half the tank tops (well, camis) I get are too short and ride up, taking the shirt with them and showing the skin between your shirt and pants. American Eagle and Forever 21 usually have long tank tops that aren't really crappy quality.

  2. Yes you are quite right Polythene Pam regarding tank tops and camis. Most of them are too short, and one has too look for especially long ones, which on most people would cover their butts, but on us would be just right. F21 is good and AE as you said. I personally also have a lot of men's wife beaters from Target which are quite quite long (though sadly white, but I suppose I could die the black)