2 April 2010

jessica szohr

Jessica, is an actress on one of my favorite TV shows Gossip Girl. She is apparently half Hungarian, and a quarter African America decent, but she certainly did not inherit her legs from her African side. Her disproportion is not extreme, but her legs are on the short side, I noticed this while watching her on Gossip Girl, however she is very pretty, and dating hottie Ed Westwick (as far as I know) giving us all Lady Short Legs readers a nice comforting feeling.


  1. I have just discovered your website and I'm so glad! As a long torso/short legs gal, I've often found it hard to find other like minded people. Thanks goodness I found you! I hadn't realized how many celebs have the same proportions as us! And you havent even covered Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson, which gives me hope that there's more out there! Thank you!

  2. Hi Peacnluv, I am happy you like my blog too. I used to feel the same way, that no one was like me, and I only though Paris Hilton, and Keira Knightley were proportioned this way. But now that I am on the constant look out for similarly proportioned females and celebrities, there are in fact so so many of us.

    Thanks for the tip on Rachel and Mischa.