8 February 2011

Brave Reader 3

Here is our third photo submitter, she writes: "I'm looking for some advice regarding how I can dress to disguise my odd proportions. I have always had a long, fairly-thin torso and shortish muscular legs...but add a round bum, skinny ankles, and long feet to the mix and it just gets a whole lot weirder."

I do understand the way you describe your body, however it is not as "odd" as you believe it to be. Your legs are shortish and muscular as you say, however you have great ankles, slim ones are always good, (imagine if they were the opposite). Live Tyler was quoted saying this a few years ago "I’ll always have a more round stomach, but thank God I have thin ankles.” Liv does not have a long torso, and that is why she has a fuller stomach area. She means that not being skinny is saved by thin ankles which give a elegant slim look.

Your body is most similar to Kelly Osbourne's, now that she has slimmed down. I don't know if you are of similar height, you appear taller, but Kelly too has short muscular legs with quite pronounced calves, and tiny ankles, and a long torso.

Your calves in comparison are much slimmer then hers, and your ankle to knee length is good, and appears longer then the knee to hips length, which is desired.

Regarding your outfits, the top two are good; the bikini is adorable, and quite on track with our bathing suit advice, very flattering. The blueish dress has a wonderful high waist, fitted top half, and flowy from the waist down with a good length, and matched with the black tights and shoes, it's ideal.

The outfits with the black short shorts, would be better if the shirts were shorter, thus raising your visual waistline.

I general, I think you can follow all the clothing advice on this blog, your proportions are not odd.


  1. Great bikini and I love the white blouse and black shorts! I don't think you should use a shorter blouse in this outfit because sometimes that can draw attention to exactly where your torso ends and legs begin.

    I dread summer and the thoughts of it being too warm to wear trousers but will be using this outfit as a source of inspiration. Although unlike you I'm cursed with cankles (the horror!) and will have to find some uncomfortable heels to go with it.

    You have obviously been paying close attention to your shape and following Lady Short Leg's and others advice by wearing light colors and prints on top and dark on the bottom. I think you're doing a great job and I think you'll find that your little imperfections are only noticeable to you yourself.

  2. Great comment and observations, thanks.

  3. You have a very good body: curvy, slim and tonned.

  4. She has lovely muscular legs, and actually I don't see them being very short in comparison to her torso. She has a nice body, nice proportions. A lot of girls probably want to look like you, BR3.

  5. "She has lovely muscular legs, and actually I don't see them being very short in comparison to her torso. She has a nice body, nice proportions. A lot of girls probably want to look like you, BR3."
    I so agree.

  6. i actually don't think you have the long-torso-short-legs body type. it appears from your photos that you are fairly proportionate.
    your pros?
    you have beautiful tone to your body! right off the bat that was noticible. from upper to lower body, you are toned. no jiggles. you have a small waist. flat tummy. and slender ankles. knee to ankles, your legs are normal.
    i hate to say 'con' but for lack of a better word, i'll use con. your thighs are proportionately larger to the rest of your body, esp compared to your lower legs/knee to ankle. good news? your thighs aren't flabby. they are toned!
    i would wear cinched skirts and dresses to show off your trim midsection. think A-lines. poufs. pleats. flares. however, stay away from narrow pencil skirts as this will take away from your tiny waist and bring focus to your thighs.
    overall, you have a beautiful body that many women would be happy to have. including kelly osbourne who has more of an exaggerated version of your thighs and calves. her calves are very short and almost 'ballish' b/c she is so big boned and muscular. pretty girl, but she doesn't have the nicest legs.