13 May 2010

video advice

Here are three videos from an online show titled My Body, My Style.
The advice is quite valid in fact, and the transformation to the jeans and red blouse look is incredible! All of a sudden she looks very youthful, and long legged, take not that in all the after looks she is in heels and makeup, making the metamorphosis more noticeable. However I think the final pink dress is too tight in the bottom area, and it looks good in the video only because she is wearing insanely tall heels, which are unrealistic in normal life, with regular shoe-wear her butt would be too low down. I also think her proportions were quite close to normal, so she was not such a prime candidate to demonstrate the long torso/short leg situation. However it is all valid advice.
Casual look
Evening dress
Office look 


  1. She does look incredibly in the red shirt and jeans. Wow!

  2. She really does look good in the jeans and red top, however I always found that wearing higher wasted jeans and tucking my shirt in makes my bum look big. How are we supposed to mitigate that?

  3. I do think she looks great in the red blouse and dark jeans but I also have short legs and a long torso and for me this look is truly horrible. I think the blouse tucked into jeans look works for her because she is long in the rise (from crotch to waist) but is not particularly long above the waist. While I am a little bit longer in the rise area, most of my extra length is above the waist. So clothing my body in this way gives the appearance of one long, big, rectangular torso. If the jeans were truly high waisted and hit at my natural waist or higher that would be a different story entirely but the mid rise jeans actually cut up the torso in the wrong place. It also gives a rectangular no-waist like appearance to the torso.

  4. Thank you for sharing. It is quite interesting how every body is different. I think the red shirt outfit, look good on the lady was because she is quite slim, on someone heavier it might not look as good.

    Here is something that might be interesting for you:


  5. Thank you for the link. I measured myself and found that I am actually a couple of inches longer in the second measurement (waist to bum). So I am indeed long waisted. There goes my theory about the tuck ins! I think you're right, the reason she looks good in this outfit is because she is so slim.
    The dummies advice is very good. My body is very much like the long waisted lady depicted. Lately, based on advice I've read elsewhere for minimizing long torsos, I have attempted to accent my waist with belts but it always looks wrongs. Dummies advises against belts and I think that is the right advice. Anyway, thanks again. The blog is great.

  6. I just realized that the no belt advice is actually for the short waisted woman. Maybe I just haven't found the right belt and/or placement.